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Cayenna Seeds

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[30,000 SHU] Cayenna is a chilli pepper originally from South America, its spiciness is not very high, it is around 30,000 Scoville and it is the most loved, consumed and cultivated chilli pepper all over the world, also in Italy known for its flavor.

The chili pepper is bright red, long and thin, very fleshy, excellent for every use.

The plant grows a lot, if grown in beautiful pots or in the ground and in full sun it can exceed 1 meter in height offering excellent yields and quality. It reaches maturity in a very short time (60-70 days) and the peppers are not very hot, but they have an excellent taste and are used for oils, sauces, fresh, chopped ...

In short, any use is good for this variety!

Immediately put in full sun, just watering, just enough.

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