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Ajì charapita rosso Seeds

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[50,000 SHU] [C.Chinense] The Ajì charapita rosso is one of the five species of Peruvian peppers and belongs to the genus Capsicum Chinense. It is the same as its yellow brother in appearance (small and rounded like a pea), except for the red color, but the flavor differentiates them: that of the red ajì charapita is but slightly less aromatic than the yellow ajì charapita.

Like his brothers, he too plays an important role in many dishes of the Amazonian gastronomy, even if he is not used as a base, but as a condiment.

The plant can reach a meter in height and to grow it needs: a warm climate, high humidity and soils rich in organic matter.

There are also small white flowers with blue / purple stripes, this color continues on the first development of the fruit in the ripening stage and eventually disappears.